Cats in Celtic Mythology

I always had a cat in the home  whilst growing up. To me, a house is not a home until it as a furry little beast curled up by the fire . They are beautiful, independent and powerful. We have two cats here at Celtic Valley ceramics. They are my inspiration for all our cat … Read more

Happy October

This will be our sixth Autumn in Ireland since our return from Hong Kong and I love this time of year .The leaves turn glorious shades of brown and the fields change colour from golden to burnt wheat. A slight chill fills the air and the nights slowly draws in. The sent of freshly fallen … Read more

Talking Tile Art

A 12″ Celtic Rabbit ceramic Backsplash in white Creating a splash Here at Celtic valley ceramics we are dedicated to creating environments full of character. Our backsplash tiles are hand-crafted to tell a story—your story—through colour, texture, pattern, and depth.  We can create a feature piece for your kitchen ,bathroom or hall that is as … Read more

Winter as come to Westeros but its summer in Tollymore

TOLLYMORE FOREST – Gothic Follies and Game of Thrones location Winter may have come to Westeros but it’s summer in Tollymore Summer and time to spend some quality time with the family, so we all squashed into our little car, tapped Tollymore Forest, Co Down into Google maps on the old i phone and followed … Read more

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