Happy October

This will be our sixth Autumn in Ireland since our return from Hong Kong and I love this time of year .The leaves turn glorious shades of brown and the fields change colour from golden to burnt wheat.

A slight chill fills the air and the nights slowly draws in. The sent of freshly fallen apples and the dust of threshed grain hangs like a haze over the land.

September as passed so quickly and October brings with it the shadows of Autumn. For the last few weeks the little barn Swallows have been gathering on overhead lines getting ready to migrate.Swooping down from the skies, collecting food as they dive. Once again the annual great exodus from our shores, they have  gone to warmer climates. I am ging to miss their  If I had wings I would surely follow.

Happy October. 

I will go where the swallows go, 
following orange sunsets and
amber wings.
I will search for bottled letters,
written in the dawn of future,
for something more than bottomless worry.
I will go where the swallows go,

 by Car Alyn Defelice

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