Talking Tile Art

A 12″ Celtic Rabbit ceramic Backsplash in white

Creating a splash

Here at Celtic valley ceramics we are dedicated to creating environments full of character. Our backsplash tiles are hand-crafted to tell a story—your story—through colour, texture, pattern, and depth.  We can create a feature piece for your kitchen ,bathroom or hall that is as unique as you are. If you have the vision we will do our best to create it for you .

Our picturesque backsplashes pop with vibrancy and life.  From the whimsical, to a more  rustic country feel ,you are guaranteed to find something that reflects your character and that of your family and home .

A Custom backsplash in the making

16"Geometric Celtic Backsplash in five separate sections

Tools of the trade

Handmade tiles exude an appealing human quality that cannot be replicated by a factory made product.  Characteristics such as imperfect edges, rich burnt tones and colours highlight their unique beauty. The undeniable beauty and natural look of handmade tiles cannot be understated.

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