Newgrange series – Run the Moon’s Path

A limited edition ceramic art panel depicting a beautiful  Irish Hare

Size 29cm x26cm x1cm



In the verdant fields surrounding the ancient Neolithic site of Newgrange in Ireland, Irish hares, with their mythical resonance, gracefully traverse the landscape. These elusive creatures, known for their association with Celtic folklore, bring an air of enchantment to the hallowed grounds. Folktales speak of these hares as messengers between worlds, embodying the liminality of the sacred site. As they bound through the meadows, their presence weaves a tapestry connecting the tangible history of Newgrange with the intangible threads of myth and magic. The Irish hares, with their mysterious dance, add a touch of the otherworldly to the timeless panorama of this ancient realm.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 29 × 1 × 26 cm


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