6″ Celtic Swan

6″Celtic Bas relief ceramic swan tile in a turquoise glaze made from earthenware clay

Swans feature often in tales of Irish mythology, the most famous of which is undoubtedly that of the Children of Lir.

Tile measures 6″x6″ inch

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In celtic mythology the swan was a symbol of longevity,purity and beauty. It was said to hold the light of the moon and the sun. As with many animals and birds in celtic mythology, it was believed to be a shapeshifter and was said to have connections with the old Gods .
The Children of Lir is an Irish legend.
which tells the story of four children
who were turned into white
If you were born between September 2 – September 29 this tile is for you.
In celtic astrology the Swan person is said to be spiritually evolved, and eloquent in expressing themselves, A keen eye for beauty (even when others cannot see it). Very refined and noble, The swan is a lover, and can prove to be quite passionate in relationships.

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Caramel, Cobalt, Crackle Blue, Crimson, Emerald Green, Jade, Sienna, Turquoise, Wheat, White, Green Grey

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