6″Celtic Sea horse (left)

Handmade Celtic Sea horse bas relief tile in Turquoise glaze. 6″x6″ made from stoneware clay
Facing left.
For the ancient Celts, the seahorse is associated with the gods of the sea and all the mystical qualities of water, connecting it to the imagination and creativity. Its strange appearance led them to believe it was a type of water dragon with the head of a horse and the tail of a fish.

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Both the Celts and the Norse believed the seahorse’s strong connection to the water and the Gods gave it great luck and strength, They would create exquisite jewelry and carve beautiful charms which offered any traveler across the water good luck and safety whilst at sea.

This seahorse symbol can still be seen in the crest of the city of Belfast.

Our tiles can be used to enhance a fire surround, bathroom, kitchen backsplash or make beautiful gifts when framed.

These tiles are hand carved, pressed, glazed and made especially for you giving each one a unique character. As a result, colour may vary slightly.

Tile measures 6″x6″ inch

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