6″Bob Cat tile

Majestic bob cat
6″ Handmade bas -relief ceramic bob cat tile
If you are looking to capture that rustic, homely country feel in your home then why not adorn your walls with one of my beautiful hand-carved wildlife range, this one depicting a majestic bob cat surveying its territory.
Not just a tile but a UNIQUE PIECE OF ART handmade especially for you.

Tile measures 6″x6″ inch




These tiles are hand carved, pressed, glazed and made especially for you giving each one a unique character. As a result, colour may vary slightly.

Tile measures 6″x6″ inch

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Caramel, Cobalt, Crackle Blue, Crimson, Emerald Green, Jade, Sienna, Turquoise, Wheat, White, Green Grey

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